Navigating Your Business' Payroll Needs...

Is Our Business.

MFL Accounting Services, Inc. knows payroll.

At MFL Accounting Services we specialize in payroll services.  And work with our clients to ensure that employees are paid on time and that all of an employer’s legal obligations are met. We take the worry out of payroll processes, which allow our clients' to focus on what is really important...growing and securing new business.


At MFL we provide Payroll Services such as:


• Calculating payroll taxes and ensuring the correct deductions

• Creating payroll records to employees and employers

• Ensuring compliance with all state and federal laws governing payroll

• Paying federal and state payroll liabilities

• Generating quarterly forms

• Submitting quarterly forms to appropriate agencies along with corresponding payments

• Completing end of year payroll reporting

• Provide W2s to employers and employees

• Generate 1099s for subcontractors

• File W2s and 1099s with federal and state agencies



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